Rob Gasser - I’m Here Lyric Analysis

By JWong

So I have no idea if this is 100% correct but here’s what I get from the lyrics. The whole song is about location and distance and how we seem “closer than we’re far” which is the important segment in the entire song. It seems to me that the song relates to how friends on the internet are very close because they seem so but in reality they are far. This is an important to note because that segement will explain the rest of the lyrics.

The introduction states he has a question if you hear him out, but in his defense you never had a chance. What the introduction is saying is something clever because the voice is asking a question vocally but the person wouldn't be able to hear the question because the way they are communicating is through text. This means that the person listening never actually had a chance to reply to the question at all because of the distance and the fact they are far apart despite being close.

The voice is then suggesting to tell him straight because he wants a response with honesty. The voice insists that he won't leave and that this moment of time is for them. Like most chats relating to internet friends you have to stay on the chat medium to talk to someone and the time spent is in the now not in the past.

Finally the last segment could be interpreted in such a way as the voice is meeting the person in real life. To "fight your fears afar" might mean to remove the distance of the relationship since the distance is the issue. To "Brace for impact" might mean that the distance of meeting the person in real life and the distance of meeting is a clash of impact. "I'm the future's engineer" is an expression saying "I am who I make myself" and my doing so he is creating the opportunity to meet the person. Finally, "baby, I'm here" just means that the voice is finally there to meet the person. 

I think it is safe to say I used this song in my outro not only because I enjoy it but because it reflects on the fact that "I'm here" when you watch my videos.